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Lamp Oil

Lamp Oil

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60.003,500.00 + GST

This is pure vegetable lamp oil. This has no mixing of oils like the other branded oils you get in the market. This is non-edible product and to be used only for lighting lamps.

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Lamp oil

Lamp oil is oil used for lightening of the Diya for puja purposes. Lamp oil was made during the Stone Age according to historians. To make the first lamp oil, the people used a piece of hollow rock and lined it with absorbent moss that was drenched in animal fat and then lit. Buy Lamp Oil Online in Chennai and make your home smoke free.

This simple procedure is now used worldwide for lightening of the lamp and many modern and elaborated designs followed. Hinduism and some other religions in the world recommend the use of lamps and lights in their prayers as they believe that light symbolizes knowledge, happiness and enlightenment.

It is also important to light a lamp before any auspicious function in the Hindu tradition. Lighting a lamp also means letting go of darkness, ignorance, sadness, despair and it symbolizes new hope.

Benefits of Lamp Oil

  • They are made with pure ingredients and used for sacred purposes like puja.
  • In many cases, oil lamps are used which produce less smoke and are also odorless.

This property does not disturb the other fragrances in the house. A wick placed in an oil lamp takes a long time to burn out as compared to the wick in a candle.

Buy Lamp Oil Online in Chennai

We manufacture the best quality of lamp oil for your puja purposes. You can now buy lamp oil online in Chennai. Our lamp oil is extracted from pure and clean sources in a very hygienic way.

Our lamp oil also comes in easy to pour bottles making it very easy for you to use them on a daily basis without the issue of leaking. Our quality control team also tests our quality before our products are sold in our retail outlets. We extract lamp oil in cold-pressed and regular methods and you can order for any variety.

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