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Marachekku Oil and its Benefits

Marachekku oil is cold-pressed oil. Initially, only south India was famous for using cold pressed oil. Bullocks were made to revolve around the ‘chekku’, to turn the wood crusher to extract oil. This technique of cold pressing extracts oils from seeds by mechanically pressing them. The temperature in this process does not exceed beyond 120 F. Now one can book online marachekku oil in Chennai.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil

Cold Pressed Oil extracted in room temperature does not get heated during the extraction process, thereby retaining the nutritional benefits and the original taste or flavor. Many other commercial oils which are not extracted by cold-pressed methods differ in their final flavor due to heating.

Chekku oil was used in the past by our ancestors. They lived a long and healthy life with lots of stamina, immunity and strength due to the regular consumption of chekku oils. These oils retain their nutrients and flavor which is otherwise destroyed by heat in refined oil extraction methods.

  • Cold pressed olive oil is high in Vitamin E, which has essential anti-inflammatory properties. Cold-pressed olive oil is also very rich in oleic acid which makes the immune system strong.
  • Cold pressed coconut oil is high in lauric acid which is useful for fighting against harmful pathogens in the body.
  • Cold pressed groundnut oil is rich in fatty-acid bonds, which have heart protecting abilities. Groundnut oil is high in niacin which helps stabilize blood sugar.

Buy Marachekku Oil in Chennai

You can also easily buy high-quality Chekku ennai in Chennai. Our cold-pressed oils are prepared keeping the highest safety and purity standards. You can also buy marachekku oil in Chennai which is prepared in traditional methods. Switch to Cold Pressed Oil from refined oil in your cooking to ensure healthy hearts health for your family. Cold-pressed oils have a shorter shelf-life and hence one should consume and buy fresh always.