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DM Traders
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B Durga Prasad eleB Durga Prasad ele
06:23 21 Mar 24
Magnus SolutionsMagnus Solutions
06:23 21 Mar 24
alkesh shahalkesh shah
04:50 27 Feb 24
Fenny AntoFenny Anto
06:06 26 Feb 24
hemanth kumarhemanth kumar
18:59 24 Feb 24
19:15 30 Oct 23
The owner's and staffs are as good as and so soothing like their Ghee.. Very kind and soooooo nourishing behaviour... Products are next level
Padhma ManiPadhma Mani
04:50 10 Sep 23
This is my first order, so yet to know about the product. Service vice and product availability, it is good. Thanks.
Prabakaran JayaramanPrabakaran Jayaraman
03:06 26 Dec 22
Very good experience of super service. Quality is outstanding. Can not give any negative remarks.
sundararajan Dsundararajan D
10:10 19 Oct 22
This is a good shop to buy Ghee. This store closes every day 2 PM to 4 PM for lunch never visit during this time. One has to wait unnecessarily as the lunch break information is not mentioned anywhere. It is recommended that the owner should mention this details in the google page.
Very prompt service. Products also r good. Wish them more success.
12:59 19 Aug 22
Good place to get quality oil, ghee and other food products
Shivaranjini AbinShivaranjini Abin
10:07 28 Jun 22
That was a super fast delivery!And.... The aroma of the ghee even without opening the cap, is just so mouth watering...I am waiting to try all your products.We are all consuming adulterated products these days.... In such a bad shape, people like you who give importance to natural nd quality food are the most welcome... Please keep continuing to do this good work....We will all be your regular consumers for sure ...
arcot bhavaniraoarcot bhavanirao
04:37 23 Jun 22
Good quality and fairly priced. prompt delivery
Krishnambal SharmaKrishnambal Sharma
05:52 12 Jun 22
The items are quite good and the service is also very good.
Small but very neat. Also tech savvy propreitor.
Mary GeethsMary Geeths
11:27 22 Mar 22
Very reliable and good quality products. We have been purchasing all our need at DM traders for several years.
13:52 09 Feb 22
The quality is good. The Service is alright. Raising of the limit for home delivery from 500rs to 700 is causing me problem.
We have been buying edible oils from DM Traders for more than five years. The goods are of good quality.
monisha vmonisha v
08:10 20 Oct 21
Very fresh butter... Taste was too good , while eating it feels like 90's type of butter.. Thankyou
Ramesh TirunallaiRamesh Tirunallai
16:01 06 Oct 21
Very polite and efficient handling of the customers...He has got utmost patience in handling the customers well by explaining the schemes etc.I love to go to his place though I am staying far from his shop.Ramesh/ Siruseri
Guru RajanGuru Rajan
02:30 15 Sep 21
Quality maintained & prompt delivery even nearby locality shops hygienically packs products and delivers to its customers requisition on our requisition time. Keep it up all the best.
Very good handling and prompt service. Much satisfied.
Pattabi RamanPattabi Raman
07:27 11 Jun 21
Ram is very sincere n wants to help clients- No wonder we go back to him for any purchase- Ghee n oil r his shops specialities-Keep it up-????????????
Radhakrishnan KRadhakrishnan K
01:48 17 May 21
Good service always. Items r also good.
Venkatesh nVenkatesh n
06:38 15 May 21
Quality products at considerate price. Good job DM Traders
Suresh ShanmugamSuresh Shanmugam
06:47 06 May 21
Heared about ur quality it is t same as said it is good. Only thing delivery time.
prashanth selvarajprashanth selvaraj
16:08 29 Mar 21
Hearing Good reviews about Ghee and Oils but not sure about Honey.. Can u please let us know whether the honey is raw and pure or it has any added sugar onto that ?
VEE.N ParthaVEE.N Partha
17:59 03 Feb 21
Nallanei was of very good quality. Thank you very much for the quick delivery and supportive owner.
Manavalan SadagopanManavalan Sadagopan
15:23 09 Jan 21
Very good Quality oil and Ghee products.Friendly and supportive owner.Very much recommended
Ravi and Seetha RRavi and Seetha R
12:36 09 Jan 21
I am your customer ever since it is opened at.chitrakulam west street.I am purchasing because of pure quality oils mainly and nattu சக்கரை அண்ட் rocksalt.
Prakash RamakrishnanPrakash Ramakrishnan
11:30 11 Dec 20
All edible oil are in very good quality , especially groundnut oil is exceptional good here , highly recommended. I reside in anna nagar only distance is killing ????
Prompt in delivery. Quality consistently good.
Bharat KumarBharat Kumar
06:15 01 Oct 20
Mary Geetha GeethaMary Geetha Geetha
12:16 23 Sep 20
The quality of Gingely oil and Ghee has been pretty good and consistent. We travel a long distance to procure items from this shop.
Bala ChanderBala Chander
06:11 08 Sep 20
Really very good in quality and service
Kuppuswamy GKuppuswamy G
01:22 08 Sep 20
Excellent and efficient service
Raj CharyRaj Chary
12:41 02 Sep 20
I generally buy oil and the quality is good. I am satisfied with the quality and service
13:48 28 Aug 20
Very good service.
Anandhi SivakumarAnandhi Sivakumar
10:42 27 Aug 20
I am buying Ghee and oil from DM Traders for past 3 yrs.... Very reliable and safe...
Good place to buy Ghee, butter and oils, goods delivered very next day.
Shekar SwamyShekar Swamy
11:31 20 Aug 20
Superb quality. I am in Nanganallur 15 kms away from this shop but I make it a point to buy ghee from this shop especially for festival sweets preparation. Very authentic stuff.
karthik sachikarthik sachi
06:14 04 Aug 20
Quality and quantity is good. Price is affordable.. Nice service too.
Shreemogana ShelvanShreemogana Shelvan
11:51 30 Jul 20
The best ghee, butter, oils which is now a permanent part of my monthly purchase. Jus go for it without any doubts. Very good quality guaranteed
Krishnamurthe LKrishnamurthe L
08:45 16 Jul 20
They give 5% discount as points which can be redeemed. But there's a catch while using the points against your purchase, they don't give points for that purchase where you adjust points that's no discount, which is not fair. They should give the discount for the actual cash paid excluding points adjusted.
Sakthi ManiSakthi Mani
05:17 20 Jun 20
Good quality products.. Using for past one year.. Good customer friendly shop
Bhuvana GanesanBhuvana Ganesan
08:58 19 Jun 20
Quality products and very receptive. I am buying here for past 4 years
Ramachandran T SRamachandran T S
10:53 16 Jun 20
My experience with DM Traders is one of delight. First time I tried cold press oil of one verify and it was tasting gud. Next time tried all verities of cold pressed oil products and all were of very gud quality and reasonably priced. With courteous and quick service DM traders stand apart to bag 5 star
Venkatesh SukkalVenkatesh Sukkal
09:03 12 Jun 20
The products sold here are of good quality and the vendor is very courteous. The shop is tiny which keeps people on the road among traffic during peak hours.
13:18 08 Jun 20
Very good quality of oil and ghee. Excellent customer service
Raja Ragu RamanRaja Ragu Raman
08:07 12 Mar 20
Superb quality and very good customer service. I buy ghee every month for Lord Narasimha Homa.. very good quality.. I buy illupai oil also from them.. the best quality
Shan JayShan Jay
12:07 28 Feb 20
Been purchasing for more than a year, though didn't have much time for a feedback, we buy ghee, butter and virgin coconut and gingelly oils here, all if them are of good quality, feeling happy with their products
rajangam nrajangam n
13:39 27 Feb 20
Fantastic owner. Quality products. Correct price. I strongly recommend. Great.
Ashok RAshok R
11:34 18 Feb 20
Been a customer from day one....happy to see them maintain good quality and customer friendly approach...Best wishes...!Ashok
Rajagopal K VRajagopal K V
15:20 23 Jan 20
DM Traders products are excellent. Kudos to their courteous service and feedback. For quality products like Oil, Butter, Ghee, Appalam Vathal etc., we do not look beyond DM Traders
shobana bshobana b
13:12 11 Jan 20
Good quality products. customer service also good.tanks for u r service .all the best for u r future.????
Selling good products. Treating the customer in a nice manner. Home delivery is also available.oil items are especially good.
Girija NatarajanGirija Natarajan
12:22 11 Jan 20
Excellent pleasant and courteous service. Very prompt service. Products are extremely good. It is a pleasure to shop despite shortage of space
V BoopathyV Boopathy
11:51 11 Jan 20
We have been buying the products of DM traders for over 5 years. We are happy and fully satisfied with products, service and the courtesy of the owners. We have no hesitation in giving 5 Star ratings to the traders.
Very good service. Quality products.
Meenakshi RamaswamyMeenakshi Ramaswamy
20:27 15 Dec 19
Quality products even though price is high, shopkeeper is very composed, above all he does Door delivery . Keep it up your quality of products.
Padma Priya SrinivasanPadma Priya Srinivasan
15:25 23 Nov 19
Best quality oil.Recommended place to get original pure oil and ghee.
Sukanya SureshSukanya Suresh
05:37 22 Oct 19
Excellent customer service. Quality assurance. Dealer of Health and healthy products.
Varalakshmi BhaskaranVaralakshmi Bhaskaran
14:41 19 Oct 19
Superb quality oil and ghee. Very customer friendly. I strongly recommend this shop for good quality oil, ghee and butter. Such a well maintained shop which makes effective use of the space!
Sita RaoSita Rao
08:33 04 Oct 19
Very good quality of ghee n oils. Affordable prices
15:33 03 Oct 19
Good Quality, customer friendly , all products are good , especially onion vadam, Cow ghee & More milagai is damn good
Ganapathi BalajiGanapathi Balaji
16:10 27 Sep 19
Very polite merchant.product is very specially cow ghee quality is very much good.
Sarala MayakrishnanSarala Mayakrishnan
15:47 19 Sep 19
Good quality products available & very good service
Yashi BaalaYashi Baala
09:29 06 Sep 19
Very cordial and prompt response. I regularly buy gingely oil coconut oil and groundnut oil. Most trusted place to buy cold pressed oil.
Venkatachalam CtVenkatachalam Ct
11:26 03 Sep 19
Items from DM Traders are of reliable quality... Trusted organic original oils & ghee.. ??
Cundrathur NatarajanCundrathur Natarajan
11:23 27 Aug 19
My first start with cold pressed oils cow's ghee and butter started from five years ago. It continues due to the genuineness, pure and reliable services. Reliable place for healthy kitchen oils and define lamp oil.
pudugopal sridharanpudugopal sridharan
07:57 22 Aug 19
Good quality oil ,ghee and other products.
Ramachandran G MRamachandran G M
14:48 20 Aug 19
Though small shop their Service, Products are very good..Dependable in quality...Keep it up
vedaraman sethuramanvedaraman sethuraman
16:17 05 Aug 19
Great shop for cooking oil. Great quality
Good products. I regularly shop here.
Maria John Bosco JegamMaria John Bosco Jegam
06:16 20 May 19
In time deliveryGood products. My wife loves it
Jayanthi RaviJayanthi Ravi
17:46 22 Mar 19
very pure ghee to use and service to customer is treated in good and polite manner that makes me to come far away from mogappair to mylapore.
V Sai S Narayana KV Sai S Narayana K
17:29 11 Mar 19
It's a tiny shop in the heart of Mylapore close to Kapaleeswar Temple. Neatly organised and optimum space management by the shop owner.selling quality products. We have tried cow ghee,lamp oil and cold-pressed oils, all are good. Apart from ghee and oil they HV other varieties of oils,honey,pappads,powders etc,etc. Good quality and service - worth visiting.
Prema NathamuniPrema Nathamuni
14:07 02 Mar 19
Service is good I use to get butter and oil everything is good Wish you all the best to grow more and more You r in the centre of Mylapore Lord Aadi Kesav Perumal and Kabaleswar - always guide and Bless you
18:44 04 Feb 19
I was looking around for good quality cold pressed oils, butter and ghee and happened to find this place via Google search. Since October, I have bought coconut oil, gingelly oil, groundnut oil, cow and buffalo butter and varieties of appalams and vadams. I found every item to be of good quality and decently priced. Moreover, the oils are weighed in kgs unlike most of the places where they measure in litres. Overall, a place in Mylapore for people wanting good quality at affordable price.
Sujatha DeviSujatha Devi
18:05 26 Jan 19
Quality of all products are excellent. I’m fully satisfied with this shop & I can very well recommend to my friends & relatives ?
Sibu RamanSibu Raman
05:00 15 Jan 19
Great shop, good service and very good quality sekku oil. Highly recommend
sathish kumarsathish kumar
05:13 13 Jan 19
Product Quality is too good. Excellent service
Geethageorgejk GeorgeGeethageorgejk George
14:43 10 Jan 19
Good quality ,reasonable price ,above all a very pleasant customer service.
Buying edible oil and ghee every month for the past two years. Both oil and ghee is good. Moreover they maintain good relationship with the customers.
Uma SubaramanyamUma Subaramanyam
14:13 20 Dec 18
Right from the opening day i am buying the products. Good quality reasonable price a very courteous owner who himself packs