Ommapodi Vadam – 250g

Ommapodi Vadam

Ommapodi Vadam – 250g

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Ommapodi Vadam is a spicy vadam eaten in South India. It is also known as thenkuzhal vadam. It is a spicy and crunchy deep-fried fritter usually eaten with Rice varieties.

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Ommapodi Vadam And Its Benefits

The batter to make the vadam is prepared with the right ratio of water and rice batter. This batter is then dried in the sun until it becomes absolutely devoid of moisture. It is one of the easiest varieties of fryums to make at home. Buy Ommapodi Vadam Online in Chennai and spice to your food.

Generally eaten by people in Tamil Nadu, this crispy vadam is prepared and kept in air-tight containers and used for a whole year. It is a perfect accompaniment for many South Indian gravies. Every Tamil house generally prepares these vadam duing the “Maasi – February mid to March mid, it is a tradition followed in many south Indian houses.

Some people also fry the vadams and keep in air-tight containers but then they often lose their crispiness. They are best consumed when freshly fried. Some people add cumin to the batter while some add ginger-chillies paste. Many houses in Tamil Nadu have a secret recipe of ommapodi vadam which they pass on from generations to generations.

Benefits of Rice

  • Rice is a great source of energy, it is full of carbohydrates and eating a bowl of rice every day for lunch keeps you energetic the whole day long
  • It has high nutritional value
  • Rice is a gluten-free food
  • It prevents constipation
  • It aids in cancer prevention
  • It controls blood pressure

Buy Ommapodi Vadam Online in Chennai

You can also easily buy Ommapodi vadam online in Chennai. Our ommapodi vadam is prepared for keeping the highest safety and purity standards. Ommapodi Vadam is ideal for eating with rice items. We also use the highest quality of raw rice in preparing our vadams. These vadams are sun-dried in clean and hygienic conditions.

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